Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Double Trouble

     I've had so much available time for the past weeks but my laziness struck me again.  Good thing I got so bored with nothingness that I finally got my butt out of bed to take some photography of my aesthetic.

    When I learned about using a snoot on flash, I had an idea and took trial shots to test it out if it works.  Unfortunately, I don't have those pics anymore.  But the idea remained in me.  Today, I got to execute these ideas and finally got to use my speedlight.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Insisting Subject

     There's another subject that's been bugging me for a long time (even today) that makes me want to keep going back to the scene.  Good thing it's not so far.  But let me paraphrase something that kept me going when I I'm about to give up:
"When something caught your eye, there must be something in there.  Don't give up and keep looking." --Scott Kelby
     Let me also add one thing that I told my friend, Frederick Mount (Check him out!), while we were talking about our media:
"Sometimes it's not what you just see in there but what you put in there (to complete the scene)" --Jackson

Monday, October 29, 2012

Gamers Night: When too many fun stuff collide.

     I know I have not posted anything for some time. But I have taken pictures once in a while. Some of them really worth writing with pictures I'm proud of. But some events have gone ahead that need to be posted first.

     But here's the thing: I'm not really good with people and spontaneous shooting. Almost all the shots I took needed work, and still I'm not too happy after all. And these shots are "moments" which can not be redone.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lens Caps and some Yelling

     Last part of "Let me do it right this time" was just half of the last day I spent in Seoul (to take photographs).  On my quest to get a replacement for my lost lens cap, I got a bit more lessons on the street that I wasn't really prepared for.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Blame It On Lack Of Research

     So I talked about giving-in to macro photography on my last blog and took some pictures of a bottle's bottom... with a lot of blah blah blah.  I also kept mentioning that I don't get much interest out of it despite putting a lot of effort in every shot.  I also talk about using extension tubes.  There's the problem!  I used them without reading much on how to use them.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


     I was never fond of macro shots.  Most of the times, I get sick of Facebook pictures of close-up shots of flowers with cheesy captions in it.  People like them a lot!  I don't!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Short Video

     It's been a while since I made a short video.  A friend of mine is a serious videographer and has been trying to get me to work with him, but I always refused.  I'm scared that I actually end up embarrassing myself.  I have a camera.  I can video edit.  But I never really worked for someone with this.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 6

    This is the last set of pictures I took from this place.  My little adventure in Buk-Ahyeon, abandoned area for improvement.  From night shooting of the places the group spotted, to shooting indoors of other houses for the first time, then going on top of roofs for a panorama shot, to shooting in the alleys in daylight, to  shooting indoors again but in another area (and daylight), and now, just a couple more shots I took on the street while leaving this place.

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 5

     Part 5 of my still long-winded blog about this place.  It's daytime.  No more light painting.  And more challenging scenes for me.  I'm not so good with day shots, but I have to make the best of it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 3

     This is the third installment of the story.  I have written blogs about coming to this place but failed to take pictures.  But this time, I took as much as I can.  From the first part walking around, to the second part going inside abandoned houses, and now on rooftops.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 2

     This is part 2 of my blog about me finally getting some work done on the abandoned place near Ahyeon (아현).  A little lazy and a bit overwhelmed, I'll keep the "less talk, more pictures" theme for the rest of this particular story.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 1

     With so many pictures and so many things that happened within less than a 24-hour session, I have to divide this article.  Otherwise it'll be a very long read (I almost forgot no one likes that anymore).

     I was upset about last week's meeting with Fred.  I was very disappointed with myself.  What I hate most is that I'm becoming one of those people I resent: All Talk People.  So I have an excuse.  I work alone.  I can't perform as much with people around me.  And yet, I claimed I feel comfortable with Fred.  Well, I still hate what happened.  And I owe it to these photographers I've met to come up with better pictures than my test shots.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gear Bug Attack... again!

     I've been through the same phase last year.  I thought I got rid of it but apparently it comes and goes.  At least, last year, I got some good advises from other forums.  But now, when I confessed my new dilemma ("new" being it's a new set of gears) to some photographers I met, I was told, "A photographer can never permanently avoid that.  Only suppress it."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2nd Meet With Fred

     I got a mail from Fred (the Urbex guy) to meet on Sunday evening for re-shoots.  That's why I ended up in Gunja the night before.  The plan was to take a few pictures on Saturday night, sleep in Gunja, get to the location hours earlier to pre-shoot, then get into serious business when Fred arrives.  Well, it was just a plan.

Follow My Path: A walk on the streets of Gunja

     Gunja Station. I've been here a few times. There's a cheap place I could sleep in whenever I'm close by. But whenever I come here, I go straight to the motel. No roaming around. No scouting. No photography. In fact, I might come here after a long night's session. But I'd be too tired to venture out. I found this place dull. That is, until I took a cab (I almost always take the subway) and found myself in the middle of the busiest area of this place. There was life after all! Since I could be a regular here, I searched for places to eat first. It was easy. So I started looking for interesting subjects. It was night time. But I'm not in the mood for cityscapes. I found myself looking at subjects as an individual instead of the whole picture. It makes street photography easier for me.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Follow My Path: A walk on the streets of Taereung.

     Lugging my gear the day after meeting Urbex photographers, I felt like I did not accomplish much.  Sure, I've taken some pictures.  Sure, I have some mental notes.  Sure, I've learned some by watching them.  But since I was used to taking pictures alone, yet was on a group that night, I felt like I have not done what I was meant to do... take pictures.

A Lighter Load

     Thank God, I packed a lighter load than I used to.  I knew I was going to walk around Seoul for two days.  So despite my love for my manual lenses, I had to settle for my kit lenses.  Canon 18-55mm, and Canon's nifty-fifty.  But the biggest concern was my tripod.  My bad just doesn't have means for it to be attached.  And it was heavy!

Close Encounters of the Real Kind

     On one of my earliest blogs, I talked about meeting a group of people regularly doing photo-walks in Seoul.  I had a blast with them during my first time.  The problem is I was more interested on talking to them first, taking photos second, and never really observed them or how they work.  It's been a year now (I think).  And this same group announced another photo walk.  But this time, they have subjects that I'm very interested in, lately.  The group I joined before were a bunch of street photographers.  This time, it's different.

Flash vs Flashlight

     Ok, so I got a speedlite.  Big whoop!  I never thought learning about flash was this hard.  I read people say it's easy.  And I had a couple of shots using it.  But really, it's mostly frustrating.

Ahah! I found you!

     On one of my blogs, I mentioned about birds chirping and screeching and mocking me outside my window.  I also mentioned that I had the opportunity to capture a beauty, but failed.  Well, that event kept bugging me.  Beautiful as their songs may be, I couldn't stand them when I don't see them.  I look out my window and see nothing but trees.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Urgent Call: A plea to the animal rescuers

     June 23, 2012.  7:00 a.m.
     Walking down from Bukahyeon-ro (북아현로) towards Ahyeon Station (아현 역), exit 2, where a huge part of the right side of the road is flattened, I was taking pictures of a traffic guy.  Colorful uniform, glowing stick, old hair, but plump and younger-looking face, like a Santa.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project: Seeing Things in Black and White

     Ever since I got into photography, I started getting more and more skeptical of B&W images.  I appreciate the art of it and I even like them done on my pictures.  The problem is, in most cases, I feel it's like band-aid.  Convert a lousy image to black-and-white and it looks better already.  And it feels like so when I take a picture without the initial thought of setting it to monochrome.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

History Repeats Itself

     I'm one of those who got into digitally manipulating photos first, before going into actually taking pictures.  I'm not good at it like those professionals who can really make magic.  I just know some basics and love to play around with it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


     People who know me well, knows that I've been sober for years now.  I never counted how many 'cause it's not really a big deal to me.  I never considered myself an alcoholic in the first place.  But I still remember how it feels like, the day after drowning myself in gin.

     Apparently, I was suffering from it again.  I had too much urbex the day before, and gave me so much headache but wanting for more, a couple of hours later.  Yes, it's a photography hangover.  No, "UrBex" is not gin... although a bit intoxicating.

     On one of my blogs, there was this one particular image that really bothered me.  I mean, I like what I was seeing, but whatever's on my mind was not transcending through the picture.  Maybe it's the way I composed it.  Maybe it's my POV.  But I'll start with the background.  I want some heavy clouds in it.

     Fortunately, the day after shooting this, I saw some very nice nimbus clouds hovering over my work place.  It was noon, I had work.  But the most upsetting part was none of those beautiful clouds are near that abandoned factory that I took pictures of.  So instead of hoping for it to come near that place, I just thought I'll make the clouds my subject.

     For some reason, I'm also addicted to reflections.  Time and time again, I've been attempting shots of mirrors but I always fail.  Well, during those earlier times, I was happy with my results.  But looking at them again, I feel it doesn't really make so much punch.  Kinda needs more gin in it.

     Fortunately, as connected to my urbex hangover, I found this board from a pile of garbage.  What makes it interesting is the handles attached to it.  I think it was supposed to be for display or something.  Didn't matter much to me.  I just had my eyes on how shiny those handles are... reflections!  Clouds!  urbex-ish!  Headache!

Skies On My Mind
I've always wondered why some photographers are fascinated with these type of subjects.  Some take a picture of a door-knob and they get raves most of the time.  I still don't get much of it until I saw these handles.  Aside from the range of textures, I see those blue reflections of the sky.  Something I enjoy more.

Not So Obvious
It's a sarcastic title.  Of course everything is obvious!  The texture, the reflection.  The treatment.  And it's very HDR.  The thing is, didn't run through HDR software.  And the tones came straight from the camera.  It just happens to be nearing sunset.

I See You
I think I failed on this one.  But I was trying to make it look more street photography -ish.  Or at least film -ish.  But I'm having difficulty bringing that out.  So out of frustration, I saw myself on the reflection again.  I guess I could just fool around with this and hope it's not a crime.

Three Sides of Me
Now this is something I stared at for a long time.  I'm studying how bent objects reflect light in many different ways.  In this image, the effect is subtle, but still different.  As it shows, I'm standing in a single spot and at the exact position.  Yet the reflection shows three different points of view on each.

     Before I took any shots, I already anticipated these images will give me problems with dynamic range.  I know a lot will simply use Photomatix to fix that.  But I've never had much luck with that software.  Besides, I'm more interested on how people do things before these HDR software came about.  But that's another story. Next time, I'll be talking about how I'm coping up with Photoshop.

     Until then, let me tell you about my last image.

Rusty Wall
Since today I was talking about my urbex hangover, I remember seeing an abandoned container (sort of a trailer with no wheels).  One side of it is totally rusted.  And I also observed that many photographers take pictures of rusty stuff.  For some reason, I still don't get much of it.  I mean I like the texture and colors.  But that's about it.  So I took a picture of this... strangely enough, I like it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Coming to the Dark Side

     No no no.  It's not about dark theme, nor creepy pictures.  I'm talking about moving to the dark side.  The ones I used to avoid.  I'm talking about Photoshop.  No, not the verb.  I'm talking about using the software instead of just sticking to the free stuff.  Yes, I've always used the free stuff.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Darkness Within

     Urbex.  The first time I read this word, I was already hooked.  What the hell is "urbex?" I ask.  Going through the internet, I find it fascinating how there's just so many takes on this field of photography.  Some thrive on actual shots, location is the key.  Some go for the feel, where post-process is definitely needed.  I simply go for it being unconventional.  Besides, I see a lot of garbage around me.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Keep Your Camera at Default!!!

     Last year, there were just some small birds frolicking outside my window.  I was looking forward to see them again this Spring but they haven't arrived yet.  I miss the sudden dashes of shadows passing by every now and then.  I miss the sudden rustle from the leaves and grasses outside.  I miss the hourly chirping usually at 9 am.  Most of all, I miss them taunting me to take pictures of them as they suddenly disappear with my slightest movement.

Into The Graveyard part 2

     Previously, I was talking about how I ventured into a cemetery nearby intending to take pictures of these Korean traditional graves.  I ended giving up on them but turned my attention to some of the flowers scattered around the graveyard.

     I was done taking pictures of them when I realized I took too many.  You see, I'm one of those who'd rather compose well and try to get as close to what I wanted in my image, before hitting the shutter button.  I don't like taking multiple pictures of the same thing while adjusting the settings each time.  I've been there.  I didn't like it.  Besides the fact that I'm wasting my camera's shutter count, I find that I won't learn much if I keep spoiling myself... treating my DSLR like a point-and-shoot.

     So I moved on and decided to walk around.  There are foot trails leading to other areas (still graveyards) and the things I pass by are quite interesting.  The question is: Will I be able to take good pictures of them?  And it's sunset!  Another reason why I don't want to waste it.  Good lighting.  But this light fades away pretty fast.  So this, I consider, another field test.  Testing myself if I can manage to squeeze what I know and learned, and produce fitting pictures.  Oh... my... God!

     Since I was taking close-ups a while ago, I didn't want to break from that rhythm.  Besides, I was carrying a 50mm f/1.8 (a.k.a. nifty-fifty) and no other lens.  I know I would be taking pictures up-close-and-personal, and I could really depend on this lens.  And the DOF provided with such a wide aperture, is something I still want to learn more about.

Worship the Sun
It's a bud.  A simple pine bud.  But I like how the sun was striking it, as  it bends praising the sun, despite gravity pulling it down.  It reminded me of a certain yoga position that I couldn't remember.

Up, close, personal
Well, it's a lame title.  But the truth is, it's what's ringing in my ear when I was staring at this little thing this way.  I've read many times, to take pictures from different angles besides what was planned.  So here I am, trying to use that.  Well, I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Passing of Time
After looking at the "young and coming" I thought it's fair to take pictures of the "old and going" ones.  I always liked to take pictures of texture.  I was just always unsuccessful coming up with interesting ones.  At least, until now.  I like the roughness of this bark.  Reminds me of hometown.

Another shot of the same tree but from a different perspective.  When I saw this image, I already thought of ecological succession.  How this will someday die, and that tree behind it (if all goes well) will be the one left standing as the old one.

It's amazing how you sometimes see opportunities by simply looking at a different direction.  Standing in front of the tree above, I looked up to check how much light I have left.  The moon is already up, which means darkness is just around the corner.

Perfect Day
Despite the amateur photos I could provide for this blog, I still appreciate the time I had this day.  Some clouds to break up the strong light of the sun.  The right timing as I came by this place at the golden hour.  And so many subjects that got me into photography mode for a long time.

Believe me, it's a different tree!
I had a hard time taking the shot that I wanted.  It was getting a bit windy and this branch was wailing much, it's hard to get the right focus on that cone.  But that's not my point of interest.  It's the shadow cast by the branch and cone.  To me, it just looks like it's taking a shape of its own.  A creepy one.  And thus, reminded me of Mr. Hyde... or Little Shop of Horrors.

Adam and Eve
This is the highlight of my entire journey this day.
Tell me you see it.  At first glance I was enticed by the way the vines twist and copulate like snakes in an orgy.  But the scene completely fades into something that I got very desperate to show.  Looking at these vines, I see a man embracing a woman, both naked, and about to kiss.  But my efforts of showing it off is a complete failure.  So far, only I can see the two naked humanoid bodies within this image.

I took a different trail going back home and found this group.  It's a  whole bunch of leaf-looking plants with this one single group of flowers.  

Again with the pattern?  Well, yes!  If someone takes a picture of sand and say, "this is art," then I say:  This is nature's art.  I once called this "Race to growth" because that's what I thought when I first saw this. 

This was my last stop before turning off my camera.  I quite like how there's a "toxic" can was just disposed here and yet nature keeps its ways.  I think the flower on the background symbolizes natures strength.

     Despite my "Adam and Eve" shot, this last picture left me a nice feeling.  It's not a powerful picture but it provided me lots of interpretations.  Also, it's an introductory to my next blog.  I got inspired to continue taking pictures the next day.  I've always wanted to try Urbex.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Into The Graveyard part 1

     I'm always fascinated by the many Korean traditional graveyards scattered around the country.  It's different from where I came from, and it's impressively extravagant.  Sure it's not all glamour with statues and obelisks.  Nothing like that.  Nothing but mounds of soil for each person (I think).  But the area it covers per person is quite big.  It's clean and well-maintained.  But the most is how it just looks different from what I normally see as a cemetery.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Finally Washed My Face

     After shooting the water dance, I still want to take more pictures.  But I got so much from those flowers floating on a basin of water.  I don't know what got into me but I just decided to take pictures of water itself.  Too bad, getting another droplet-shot just isn't working out.  Frustrated, I ended up taking pictures of me... splashing some water.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Water Ballet

     For some reason, my extension tube keeps popping up on my bed. It's like it wants to be used.  Begging for its turn.  Well, I'm not really into macro.  Main reason is I was never good at it.  Of course I don't have the right lens for it but that's not an excuse.  I just don't "see" things macro.  Or am I just doing it wrong?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Was Born To Ride... And Take Pictures.

     Spring time.  Flowers blooming.  Birds annoyingly chirping.  Clear skies.  Dry roads.  Cool weather.  Nothing beats a nice ride down the road to who knows where.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

     Rain is one of the worst things that could happen when I'm in a photography mood. Yes, I know.  Some photographers like them.  They provide contrast, shiny greens, water droplets, grit on the city, and the clouds make for better lighting.  All I can think of is, "My expensive camera better not get wet!"

Love Thy Dog

     During the course of winter, I got a bit lonely living just in my room and thought of getting myself a dog.  There are many of them desperately being disposed online.  I checked Craig's List.  But it came to me that there are also some animal shelters here in South Korea.  So I was curious.  I found myself on one of their pages.  It's a sad story after another.  But then I saw a link on how to help out.  I see a call for photographers.  Great!

A Walk in the Park

     It was almost sunset when I revisited the riverside where I took pictures of ducks.  I was hoping I'd reshoot them since I wasn't really satisfied with what I got the first time.  I see no ducks, though.  Just some people strolling around.  I might as well take this opportunity.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunrise and Duck Hunt

     I think I was trying to catch some minutes before dawn, attempting some night shots with blue skies.  But the sun just rose too quickly that I failed to even set up my gear in time.  I settled to just scouting spots for next time.  I'm glad I did!

A New Beginning

     The previous blogs were meant to be written last year.  All the photos were taken last year, and if it weren't for them, my memories of the events would have been much less detailed.  In a sense, it's good.  If I was writing at the time of the sessions, when all emotions are riled up, I'd be writing a whole book rather than just a page.  I know I get wordy a lot of times.

I Found A Model!

     More like a guinea pig, really.  I'm glad he's male.  And he's not really a model.  But who cares?  It's practice time!

     I kept thinking, "If I'm to take portraiture for myself, I'd much prefer males."  It's probably my non-conformist mind talking.  Beautiful as they may be, it's always female portraits that gets shown a lot; it's getting sickening.  I also think males are easier to work with.  But enough of that.  I'd rather focus on practicing instead of day-dreaming.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beauty Is Skin Deep

     I used the Samyang lens to take pictures on my previous blog.  As almost all of the reviews said were true, the Samyang 85mm f/1.4 is indeed sharp!  Sharp even to its widest aperture.  And as they said that such lens is made for portraiture, I still have to understand that part.  But the lens is really sharp!  So sharp, it gave me nightmares when I finally uploaded my pictures (of my face) on my computer.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Don't Have A Model!

     Talk about getting a new lens, getting another lens, and now getting a speedlight, it's exciting yet confusing.  But there's nothing better than using them all and learn from them all.

     Although it wasn't the reason for buying one, I've heard multiple times how the Samyang 85mm f/1.4 lens is made for portraiture.  Being scared of that field, but now having a flash unit, I thought it's time to summon my curiosity and just go for it.  Back then, I tried some mock portraiture on a statue.  It wasn't helping.  But right now, while I'm eager to take pictures of a person, there's no one around.  To be honest, I'm even more scared to ask someone to pause for me... as a guinea pig.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Let There Be Light

     By the time I bought my DSLR, I told myself to stay away from portrait photography.  It's one of the most intimidating fields that requires a lot of gears, a lot of learning, and a lot lot more, in my opinion.  Being a beginner, I just thought I'd get to that much much later, when I earned enough experience in other fields.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hit or Miss

     So far, having to discover many things in photography, I end up with inconsistent results.  The technical things I have to gradually learn sometimes infect what should be an artistic exercise.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Afternoon with Meow

     The world was boring and I just got home from work.  Tired, unmotivated, uninspired, and just unable to think of what to do next.  Fortunately, I have my cat, Meow.

It's Long and Slender On My Hands

     So I had the chance to utilize video recording on my Canon EOS 60D in Suwon.  And pushing the limits of my Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens with it, I'm getting really tempted to invest for another lens.  Yes, I got the gear bug.  But I didn't realize it yet.  The videos on my previous blog shows a lot of problems I'm having with this kit lens.  First, it has focusing issues.  Then it can't really cope up with lesser light.  When the focusing is having a hard time, it's noisy... probably partial fault of the lens on this one.  Then the reach.  If I'm going to be this shy every time there's an event, I desperately need more reach.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Suwon Cultural Festival

     When I heard about this festival in Suwon, I couldn't wait to come back to this place.  I once lived in Paran for 2 years.  It's about 40 minutes of bus ride or less than that with my bike and there's no traffic-- let's say 20 minutes.  But I always end up at the same place every time I go there.  It's not that I'm afraid, it's that I don't see much of this place farther than the subway station.  I actually thought this was the center of this so-called big city.  Since I'm on my bike, I was brave enough to go around and venture out, following where the road leads me.  But since it's night time (the only time I'm comfortable riding my bike on random places), whenever I got about a kilometer farther than the station, I see a blank space.  I immediately assumed it'll be a long road ahead of me.  So I make a U-turn.  Sufficed to say, I frequently visit that place, but I know nothing about it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Talk is cheap.

     Well, that's what I often say.  There are times when I read photography forums and some people seem to show like they've done some things first-hand; only to discover that their statements mostly comprise of Google searches.  Probably something they've read and just assumed it is what it is, without really confirming it.  There's nothing wrong with reading and sharing it.  It's how it's being shared that bugs me sometimes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going Manual Part 3

     So who you calling independent?  I'm always reluctant to ask for help, especially from people not really close to me.  It's not about saving face, but more like self-esteem.  I've always prided myself for being self-taught-- the old school way!    So when it came down to the inevitable due to my lack of knowledge, I could almost cringe when I started typing, asking for help from one forum.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Manual Part 2

     Oh, God!  The manual!

     So I mentioned on my previous blog that I got myself a Samyang 85mm f/1.4 lens, right?  I've read a lot about it in reviews and forums, before deciding to buy one.  But none of those prepared me for what "manual" really is, when it comes to lenses.

     Being ignoramus to such low technology, I find it exciting.  True!  Exciting!  Focus ring?  Sure it takes some twisting here and there but I love that part.  Sure, it consumes so much time to get the focusing right, but I don't mind it at all since I always take my time before taking one single shot.  Aperture ring?  Sure, no problem!  I'm new to photography so I have not gotten used to any system yet.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Going Manual

     It all started from Anseong festival. As I said on my blog, I was caught unprepared and equipped with inferior gear. I was also still in chaotic thought, choosing or discovering what my photography aesthetic is. Lenses came in mind. Reading forums and articles in the past, other photographers keep talking about using what you have and just "be creative." Something that's becoming really annoying when repeated a lot. Sometimes I get so annoyed I find such a statement condescending, especially when said photographers actually use and only use those really expensive lenses.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am not a douche!

     Blair Bunting.  Not a familiar name to me until I saw one of his work featured on his interview on youtube.  I remember when I was researching, trying to get my head around "strobist" when I stumble on his blog and saw the same photo.  Good articles, good writing.

     But like a lot of youtube viewers, the comments got my attention first before watching the video... actually I was reading comments while the video was on "pause" to save myself from buffering issues.