Saturday, May 5, 2012

A New Beginning

     The previous blogs were meant to be written last year.  All the photos were taken last year, and if it weren't for them, my memories of the events would have been much less detailed.  In a sense, it's good.  If I was writing at the time of the sessions, when all emotions are riled up, I'd be writing a whole book rather than just a page.  I know I get wordy a lot of times.

     What stopped me from taking pictures and blogging was mentioned on some of my past blogs (1 and 2).  It could be a mix of a lot of things but the result is the same... I lost interest.  But after winter, came spring; as I hit bottom, I'm on a start of another journey.

     From this point, my articles will be more current.  And as I catch up with the photos I've taken, my blogs will eventually be up-to-date.  It's the start of the year, and the season looks promising.  I could only hope that I keep up with blogging despite my very few readers... I probably only have myself reading this thing.

     The first thing I realized was how depressing facebook made me.  It was one of the reasons why I decided to get a DSLR, though.  When a lot of my friends started posting pictures they've taken, I wanted to join-in on the fun.  So when I had my camera, I posted a lot of pictures.  In the long-run those friends of mine stopped sharing pictures.  Too lazy to comment on mine.  Might not even be viewing them.

     Then came my flickr account.  I realized that I cluttered it so much with trash photos.  A little too much of one session or one single scene.

     So I decided I won't be posting much photos on facebook.  Probably some baits or previews, just to get someone's attention.  Then they could just check my flickr account.  As for that one, I'll start weaning my pictures and post only what I think is suitable and ranged.  And the rest that I actually like to keep?  There's photobucket.

     I hope my decision would help me out a bit.

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