Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Finally Washed My Face

     After shooting the water dance, I still want to take more pictures.  But I got so much from those flowers floating on a basin of water.  I don't know what got into me but I just decided to take pictures of water itself.  Too bad, getting another droplet-shot just isn't working out.  Frustrated, I ended up taking pictures of me... splashing some water.

     I honestly don't know where to categorize these shots.  I was just having fun here.  I wasn't focused into getting the right pose or focusing on what-not.  I was just taking pictures without the aspect of photography... or something like that.  Well, I still had those apertures and ISOs and shutter speeds and timing it right, on mind.  But they just came in instinctively and not forcing myself to think about the next shot.  Just plainly: set the camera, splash water, hit the shutter button!  Like I said, I'm just having fun!

Sometimes it just doesn't work.
My first shot.  If it was a test shot, I'd say this is pretty decent.  I got the focus right where I wanted, the water was sharp enough, the shutter speed was just right, and the lighting almost where I wanted.  But all-in-all, the shot just doesn't work.

I kept this picture because of the water streaks at the left (my right).  If I could manipulate water like this (needs a lot of experimental splashing), there's a chance I could make something really good out of it.  It would make me happy if I could do this.
     One thing that bothered me is how hard it is to keep my eyes open.  No matter how hard I try, my eyes just shut, or to the least, squint right as I hit the shutter button.  I didn't have to stress out on this, though.  I was fighting direct sunlight, water getting in my eyes, and timing the shutter with the splash just disrupts my concentration.  I guess I should find a way to fight through that, if ever there's a next time.

Photography Mode
After some shots, I realized that I should at least get some learning out of this "fun" experience.  I thought that water also casts shadows.  Something I find fascinating.

The Mask
Lastly is my favorite of them all.  Water on air is just hard to manipulate, that this was just a lucky shot.  It needs a little editing to make the water pop-up more but I'm happy with this one already.
     What makes me even happier is that these are all shots taken Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC).  The fact that I'm having a hard time looking for something to edit, means I'm already happy as it is.  Sure, they're not so astounding.  But just having fun during the shoot, and getting nice photos at the same time, is all I need.

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