Monday, May 28, 2012

Into The Graveyard part 2

     Previously, I was talking about how I ventured into a cemetery nearby intending to take pictures of these Korean traditional graves.  I ended giving up on them but turned my attention to some of the flowers scattered around the graveyard.

     I was done taking pictures of them when I realized I took too many.  You see, I'm one of those who'd rather compose well and try to get as close to what I wanted in my image, before hitting the shutter button.  I don't like taking multiple pictures of the same thing while adjusting the settings each time.  I've been there.  I didn't like it.  Besides the fact that I'm wasting my camera's shutter count, I find that I won't learn much if I keep spoiling myself... treating my DSLR like a point-and-shoot.

     So I moved on and decided to walk around.  There are foot trails leading to other areas (still graveyards) and the things I pass by are quite interesting.  The question is: Will I be able to take good pictures of them?  And it's sunset!  Another reason why I don't want to waste it.  Good lighting.  But this light fades away pretty fast.  So this, I consider, another field test.  Testing myself if I can manage to squeeze what I know and learned, and produce fitting pictures.  Oh... my... God!

     Since I was taking close-ups a while ago, I didn't want to break from that rhythm.  Besides, I was carrying a 50mm f/1.8 (a.k.a. nifty-fifty) and no other lens.  I know I would be taking pictures up-close-and-personal, and I could really depend on this lens.  And the DOF provided with such a wide aperture, is something I still want to learn more about.

Worship the Sun
It's a bud.  A simple pine bud.  But I like how the sun was striking it, as  it bends praising the sun, despite gravity pulling it down.  It reminded me of a certain yoga position that I couldn't remember.

Up, close, personal
Well, it's a lame title.  But the truth is, it's what's ringing in my ear when I was staring at this little thing this way.  I've read many times, to take pictures from different angles besides what was planned.  So here I am, trying to use that.  Well, I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Passing of Time
After looking at the "young and coming" I thought it's fair to take pictures of the "old and going" ones.  I always liked to take pictures of texture.  I was just always unsuccessful coming up with interesting ones.  At least, until now.  I like the roughness of this bark.  Reminds me of hometown.

Another shot of the same tree but from a different perspective.  When I saw this image, I already thought of ecological succession.  How this will someday die, and that tree behind it (if all goes well) will be the one left standing as the old one.

It's amazing how you sometimes see opportunities by simply looking at a different direction.  Standing in front of the tree above, I looked up to check how much light I have left.  The moon is already up, which means darkness is just around the corner.

Perfect Day
Despite the amateur photos I could provide for this blog, I still appreciate the time I had this day.  Some clouds to break up the strong light of the sun.  The right timing as I came by this place at the golden hour.  And so many subjects that got me into photography mode for a long time.

Believe me, it's a different tree!
I had a hard time taking the shot that I wanted.  It was getting a bit windy and this branch was wailing much, it's hard to get the right focus on that cone.  But that's not my point of interest.  It's the shadow cast by the branch and cone.  To me, it just looks like it's taking a shape of its own.  A creepy one.  And thus, reminded me of Mr. Hyde... or Little Shop of Horrors.

Adam and Eve
This is the highlight of my entire journey this day.
Tell me you see it.  At first glance I was enticed by the way the vines twist and copulate like snakes in an orgy.  But the scene completely fades into something that I got very desperate to show.  Looking at these vines, I see a man embracing a woman, both naked, and about to kiss.  But my efforts of showing it off is a complete failure.  So far, only I can see the two naked humanoid bodies within this image.

I took a different trail going back home and found this group.  It's a  whole bunch of leaf-looking plants with this one single group of flowers.  

Again with the pattern?  Well, yes!  If someone takes a picture of sand and say, "this is art," then I say:  This is nature's art.  I once called this "Race to growth" because that's what I thought when I first saw this. 

This was my last stop before turning off my camera.  I quite like how there's a "toxic" can was just disposed here and yet nature keeps its ways.  I think the flower on the background symbolizes natures strength.

     Despite my "Adam and Eve" shot, this last picture left me a nice feeling.  It's not a powerful picture but it provided me lots of interpretations.  Also, it's an introductory to my next blog.  I got inspired to continue taking pictures the next day.  I've always wanted to try Urbex.

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