Friday, March 8, 2013

Scott Kelby, That Nikon Guy, and Frozen Butt (part 3)

     I was losing hope to see the blue hour.  It's my fault that I have not researched about the time of sunrise and what not.  But at this time, I couldn't think of that.  All I could think of was my patience running very thin.  It's been 2 hours and still no sign of the sky changing color.  But before calling it quits, I decided to walk to another overpass at the next block.  At least that's where the bus stop is, just in case I decide to go home.

Note:  Every photo uploaded in this particular blog is taken straight out of camera. From RAW file to Jpeg without minor tweaks.  So please bear with the quality.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scott Kelby, That Nikon Guy, and Frozen Butt (part) 4

     After a couple of days, I was pretty much happy with what I got from Suwon.  Despite the dreadful experience, I can't forget the adrenalin rush.  And I'm happy to shoot the same way (albeit more informed) from other places.  But I'm satisfied with what I got, that I decided to submit one of them to Thatnikonguy's competition.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scott Kelby, That Nikon Guy, and Frozen Butt (part 2)

     Boy, was it cold!  It was my practice to prepare everything I need, photography wise, in my bag.  Usually, I try to dump as much as I can in my bag (including clothes) but this time, since I thought I'd be walking around a lot, and a huge and fully stuffed bag might get me into trouble with accommodation (some lockers are not big enough), I thought of keeping it as light as possible.  And that means, I didn't bring extra shirts, extra socks, extra towels, and toiletries.  Where which, I forgot to bring gloves and a hat.  Boy, was it really cold!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Scott Kelby, That Nikon Guy, and Frozen Butt (part) 1

Come of Night    One of my pictures got the most favored (of the month) in one of the photography forums I hang out with.  It’s just a very small accomplishment but boy did it motivate me a lot!  But not only that.  My Double-Trouble photos also got some attention and, to be honest, seeing the results of that session was one of the highlights of my photography life.  So yes, I was happy with my self, my photography, and totally up for more.