Thursday, May 24, 2012

Into The Graveyard part 1

     I'm always fascinated by the many Korean traditional graveyards scattered around the country.  It's different from where I came from, and it's impressively extravagant.  Sure it's not all glamour with statues and obelisks.  Nothing like that.  Nothing but mounds of soil for each person (I think).  But the area it covers per person is quite big.  It's clean and well-maintained.  But the most is how it just looks different from what I normally see as a cemetery.

     The good thing about it is my actual living vicinity is surrounded by these graveyards.  I don't find it creepy at all since I honestly don't see them as filled with dead people.  More like landscapes.  Maybe it's weird but that's just how I feel.

    I finally had the courage to hike the mountains a bit, just to take pictures.  It's not that simple, you know?  These are private areas and I might offend someone just by being there.  Let alone take pictures and doing crazy stuff.  But these cemeteries nearby aren't as showy as I hoped.  Most of them are just mounds of land and nothing more.  And I'm struggling getting a good shot of them with not as much as an interesting background.  I gave up and maybe visit other graves with some gravestones, next time.  I still want to take pictures of these.

     Moving on, I noticed this place was untouched for a long time.  It's all clean and the grass doesn't need trimming, really.  But what I noticed are the abundance of flowers and random greens all around.  Now, I'm not really into these cute cute flowers.  But for some reason, I was drawn to them.  I guess that's also because I had no choice but to make the best of what I can get.  And since I'm not interested in botany, I find these strange-looking plants quite fascinating.  It's just... different.

Genes of Twins
I saw a lot of these blue/purple things scattered and in groups.  But I'm having quite a hard time getting good shots of them.  The one thing I want to do is show some hairlight.  In my eyes, it looks magical.  But on my camera, it's not satisfying.  In fact, this is the best I can do right now.
I haven't done this technique where you use the sun's haze.  I never had the chance and to be frank,  I don't see any point of using it.  That's until now.  In this image, I was imagining, "What if I woke up  greeted by these lovely things?"  So that's what I'm trying to show here.

I remember I always liked dandelions when I was a kid.  This flower reminded me of them.  But it's a strange strange version.  More scraggly yet it stands out more.  The one behind it looks different too.  It's more cotton-like and not-so complete.  So I tried to make this particular flower the dominant one amongst its crowd.
Eye Lashes
From a different view, it reminds me of those false eyelashes worn by drag-queens.
Friendly Tentacles
I was composing this shot to show another flower when this bug just popped in.  I didn't even notice it was there until I saw it on my computer.  Truth, this was a challenging shot especially that I'm shooting in manual mode.  It was very windy and under mottled light.  I wouldn't even post this picture if it wasn't for the bug.
     There's a real cause of this flower picture taking this day.  I scouted this place before.  The sun was setting and everything was looking okay.  Not harshly bright but still enough light to see things.  I saw a bunch of yellow roses in front of a grave.  I was amazed how it was arranged and thought, "How lucky is this grave to have such a bunch of roses grow in front of it?"  So I had this idea of taking pictures of plants that are wild-grown yet naturally arranged as if it was intended by a gardener/landscapist.  That day, I looked around to see if there are more like this.  Indeed there are.  Some chrysanthemum and other stuff.  I had everything set for the next time I come to take pictures.
I was happily clicking away and took many shots of this particular bouquet of roses.  I love how there's some dead grass, trailing away from it, as if ribbons made by nature for that extra touch.  Soon after I uploaded it to my computer and zoomed in for a closer look, I saw something odd.  The petals have these extra strings coming out of them.  It was a fake, plastic, rose after all.

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