Thursday, May 31, 2012

Darkness Within

     Urbex.  The first time I read this word, I was already hooked.  What the hell is "urbex?" I ask.  Going through the internet, I find it fascinating how there's just so many takes on this field of photography.  Some thrive on actual shots, location is the key.  Some go for the feel, where post-process is definitely needed.  I simply go for it being unconventional.  Besides, I see a lot of garbage around me.

     It's not that easy, though.  Photography alone is not that simple.  Then add these hard subjects.  But I know it's worth it once I get what I want.  It's definitely a big learning process.  So here's my first attempt to being an urban explorer.

    As I mentioned before, the last picture on my previous blog is an introduction to this one.  It's just a simple garbage can but it's telling me that there's a lot of opportunities out there.  Very near my place are abandoned factories.  Some are just recently left behind but there's one particular factory that has a lot of decay in it... sort of.

     I have been wary of getting in these buildings.  I thought I had to ask around if I'm allowed to take pictures.  I was advised not to touch anything if in case someone starts asking questions.  I'm okay with that.  I'm not the type who sets up the scene.  I almost always just take the subjects as they are.

Timing Is Everything
While scouting, I was disappointed that I didn't find much of this place.  It's too clean and boring.  That's until the sun peeped from the clouds and saw shadows playing around.  So I came back another time when it was glaringly bright outside, but perfectly lit inside this place.

The Welcome
This is the entrance to the building.  It's supposed to be covered with canvass tent like thing.  But I was surprised how beautifully tattered they've become.  And although I didn't do much justice to this image, I just have to add it to my adventure.  

     Most of the subjects I took looked really interesting.  But being a first timer for such field, I know I messed up on a lot of them.  But I have to deal with it and learn from it.  Heck, I'll even come back for another try.

A Chair is still a Chair
This is the only time I infected a scene.  Originally, the chair isn't there.  But I feel like there needs to be something besides this chaos.  So I literally threw this chair and it landed as that.  I never repositioned it.  But ever heard of the song, "A house is not a home?"  Well, that's what I was humming... until the wind came.

    As the wind keep coming in sporadic manner, I find this hanging cloth dancing around the chair.  It was such an amazing view, I took many pictures and each frame is just different, yet cool.  I actually had a hard time choosing which I post.  As I take a shot, I imagined it was some phantom lady dancing.  And I kept that feeling until I got home.

The Dancing Phantom
This is my pride and joy today.  In my story, there's a lady waiting for her beloved.  Time took its toll yet the devoted still lurks around, waiting for him to come.  To come and sit and rest with her for eternity.

     There were other subjects that I wasn't able to take pictures of.  Some are hidden in the darkness while others are just too complex for me to handle.  But I'm working on this.  I want to come back.  Visit this lady.  And take better pictures.  I want to be good at urbex and this is my chance.  When I'm ready, I'll venture out for more places.

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