Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 2

     This is part 2 of my blog about me finally getting some work done on the abandoned place near Ahyeon (아현).  A little lazy and a bit overwhelmed, I'll keep the "less talk, more pictures" theme for the rest of this particular story.

     For some strange reason, the place looks a bit different.  The first time I came here with a group, there were still a few people living here, and it wasn't as trashed as now.  I remember some doors with glass panes which now are mostly broken.  There were some doors that were re-locked too.  I entered a house formerly unlocked 'cause I know it was one of my noted houses to shoot.  Yes, it's re-locked.  But the glass pane below the door was completely shattered that I was able to fit through it.

Creeping Decay
I immediately noticed the Namsan Tower outside the window and thought it already was nice framing.  But then I switched my flashlight on and saw an even better scene.

     What would scare me more would be to find a homeless person sleeping in one of these abandoned houses.  But before my imagination of finding a dead person somewhere get me, I shook it off and went back to taking pictures.

     I also noticed some gates are now open.  One that caught my attention was this gate that lead me to a dark alley.  Really dark one.  Which lead me to some interesting scenes.

Once A Bedroom
There were mattresses tumbled and turned in this room.  But what puzzles me is that door next to the clock.  It leads outside which I don't see the point.

By The Number
Each house has a number painted on its door and I can only assume what it's for.  This is one of the few houses which has large rooms.  Well, it was large in comparison to most houses here.

Last Window
After this shot, I noticed I'm shooting the same thing repetitively.  Window after window after window.  Sure, I like them.  But I needed some variety.

     I was enjoying going through tight alleys and dark corners.  But I realized there's one particular image I want to produce out of this place.  It's one of those Fred spotted the first time I got here.

     But I'll talk about that on the next blog.  Thanks for reading.

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