Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 5

     Part 5 of my still long-winded blog about this place.  It's daytime.  No more light painting.  And more challenging scenes for me.  I'm not so good with day shots, but I have to make the best of it.

     Right off the bat, I saw one building falling apart next to another.  Most of the corners were blah as I only see scattered wood and bricks here and there.  But I see some graffiti and murals that I found really interesting at any angle.  The challenge was to get that shot that'll make viewers take more look into the picture... pressure as always.  Back in part 4, I forgot to mention that I took pictures of some graffiti only because I see similar pictures come up when I search Google for "urbex."  I didn't get it then.  But I still took pictures, hoping it'll come to me.  Well in this corner of this place, seeing these figures of art, I'm slowly getting why such scenes are captured.  Still, despite the awe, it is still quite challenging to evoke my feelings with a single image.

This could have been here before demolition.  But I find these smileys ironic in a situation where everything else around it is pure destruction.

Switching lenses for a wider view, I got what I think is a better representation of the scene.

Following Footsteps
I could guess this was once a kid's school.  But with some strange Korean taste in designing sometimes, who knows?

A question mark.  It must be some stairs going down to the basement.  But at this time, there really was just a dark pit below this sign.

I took quite a lot of pictures of this scene at different angles and distances, but I could serve such a well-fitted message, justice.  I wish I could have done better, but I think this image was my best take.

     So the above pictures were just out in the alleys.  There was one more wall that I tried so hard to take picture of but no matter how wide my kit lens was, I couldn't fit the frame I wanted.  It's probably too late now, but I gave it up and thought I could come back for another shot.

     The alley didn't stretch long.  So I opted to get inside another building.  I could tell morning is up and about with the locals as I start seeing demolition guys passing through.  Some giving instructions to others.  Some look at me for a second.  But all of them just let me be... thank goodness!

Upstairs Isn't Fine
Right at the entrance (now just a huge hole) was this stairs.  I was wondering if that log was placed there before or after this building was abandoned.  Either which, I don't know the reason why it's there.  It's just out of place.

Shapes, Letters, and a Headlight
These walls of this building puzzles me.  I couldn't tell whether it's another kiddie place or a church.  But what attracts me most is the blue paint that seemed to be there for quite some time.  Without considering color (I could just turn them all red or B&W image but that would be too contrived), the dripping look made me think it's blood flowing over kiddie stuff... yes, I'm weird that way.

Someone's Watching
Same building, same floor, opposite wall.  Again, I don't know whether the graffiti or that humanoid thing was there at the same time the kiddie corner was crafted.  If they were, I still can not imagine what this building was for.

Inventory Of The Buk-Ahyeon
Opening a door of the same building, I was greeted by this wall, and a way out.

     As the sunlight gets brighter, I'm feeling drained out of my last energy.  I haven't slept much 2 nights before, then haven't slept at all this night.  I'm sill hungry.  Construction workers popping out more, and the world is getting noisier.  I guess my little adventure of this place is at its climax.

     But wait!  There's one more thing I'd like to share about this place.  Being it a bit un-related to the theme, I'd rather continue on another page... which will come shortly.

Thanks for reading.

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