Monday, June 25, 2012

Ahah! I found you!

     On one of my blogs, I mentioned about birds chirping and screeching and mocking me outside my window.  I also mentioned that I had the opportunity to capture a beauty, but failed.  Well, that event kept bugging me.  Beautiful as their songs may be, I couldn't stand them when I don't see them.  I look out my window and see nothing but trees.

     One day, after work, I was recalling some scenes that I took pictures of.  Most of them are from the abandoned factory nearby.  Then I realized I was staring at my dead exhaust fan.  In fact, my room (at its state) is so dirty and chaotic that I could make decay shots out of it... I think.

     I started zooming in and out (with my eyes) everywhere in my tiny square room. Horrifying as it is (I can hear my room screaming at me to clean it), I saw one spot that I've been wanting to take a picture of.  That dead exhaust fan with a well lit shrubbery behind.  I always liked contrast in concept.  An old architecture within a new city, an abacus in a high-tech room, or a modern house in the depths of a forest.  It's juxtaposition.

Inside Looking Out
The magic of Spring is when you look outside a nasty window and find flowers blooming.  It sends a message of hope from despair.

     After taking some pictures, I started to hear them birds again.  I thought I'd just poke my camera outside my window and hope for the best.  I couldn't wait for them to pass by my window again... and fail to take pictures again!

Grooming Couples
I had other pictures where they were grooming each other.  It's romantic.  Sadly, all of those were very bad shots.  And this is the best I can show from them.

Launch Attack
...or something.  The tough part is focusing past these leaves and right on the bird.  They're fast, they're very mobile, they're annoying.

Despite almost everything else going around that's preventing me from taking a shot, I'm very glad this bird took the time to take a breather.  It seems to take pity on me as it took flight once I was done taking 2 shots of it.

     Still having trouble taking pictures of these, when the bird from this blog appeared!  I got pumped up and went on a shutter spree.  I really didn't care much about my position, my framing, my focus, my composition.  I just want to finally take this chance and capture their image!  At last, they're here!

The Gaping Beak
This was what I saw back then!  Just the bird keeping its beaks open as if panting.  It's too bad it seems to avoid looking straight at me.

Back For Another
The bird came back the to the same spot.  I'm glad it did.  I do wish it comes nearer like before.

     The conditions were terrible.  I was sitting and waiting in an uncomfortable position.  I had to move as silently as possible, despite my legs cramping.  I had to keep my camera steady and zoomed all the way.  I had to look through the view-finder with my right eye, and my left eye scouting the area.  I had to be conscious of the ever-changing metering.  And it was very late in the afternoon.  But I'm relieved.  I finally got some shots of them birds.  I don't think they're great shots.  At least, not enough to brag about on photo-sharing sites.  Not even on forums.  But I'm still happy I got some of them.  After about 3 days, I only hear silence.  I don't see those big birds anymore.  I just hope they'll be back next year.

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