Monday, June 25, 2012

A Lighter Load

     Thank God, I packed a lighter load than I used to.  I knew I was going to walk around Seoul for two days.  So despite my love for my manual lenses, I had to settle for my kit lenses.  Canon 18-55mm, and Canon's nifty-fifty.  But the biggest concern was my tripod.  My bad just doesn't have means for it to be attached.  And it was heavy!
     Days before this event, I was already considering how heavy my gear is.  I think the camera, lenses, and tripod, weighed a total of 8kg.  It doesn't sound too heavy.  But how about lugging that weight while constantly walking around Seoul for 2 days and 2 nights?  It's a bit much.  So I decided to buy a lighter and more portable tripod.  With just a camera, the kit lens, the nifty-fifty, and the new tripod, I got to lighten the gear load in half.  But (yes, there's a "but") add my gadgets and gizmos (GPS, MP3, Phone, batteries of all sorts, speedlight, cleaning kit, battery chargers, wet and dry tissues, etc), along with some spare clothes (shirt, 2 underwears, 3 pairs of socks, 2 towels, etc)... c'mon, don't tell me you won't carry those for a 2-day hike... well, I ended up with a load of 8kg.  It's still better than what I've been carrying before (12kg).

     Somehow, I wrote about how my photo walks (I prefer calling them "sessions") helped me lose weight.  I still believe that was true.  I even posted before and after shots of me then.  But when I shared that article on my Facebook page, a friend of mine sounded skeptical.  It's all good though.  He just made some points where a reader might doubt my claims.
Point 1:  Time and time again, I did mention I don't eat regularly.  I often starve myself.
Point 2:  I edit my pictures.

     Well, I understand those are valid points.  But one thing I skipped writing about is how walking around costs a lot more money.  At home, I can starve myself 'cause either I'm not doing much (which makes me not hungry often), or I prefer to take a nap (insomnia... I'm a night owl with a day job), or I'm just too lazy to cook.  Outside, I carry too much weight; I'd rather buy water, soda, food, food, food, from stores.  As for point 2, I rarely manipulate my photos that way, especially with my own pictures.  I'd rather look plump and funny, than slim but fake.

That aside, I've been wanting to post an article or probably a page about my evolution, specifically gear-wise.  But I haven't taken much pictures of me in the past.  So I think I'll just re-enact what I looked like before (clothes and gear) except I can't make myself fatter or thinner in those pictures.  It's still under "planning" and people who know me, know I procrastinate a lot.

Oh, well.

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