Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2nd Meet With Fred

     I got a mail from Fred (the Urbex guy) to meet on Sunday evening for re-shoots.  That's why I ended up in Gunja the night before.  The plan was to take a few pictures on Saturday night, sleep in Gunja, get to the location hours earlier to pre-shoot, then get into serious business when Fred arrives.  Well, it was just a plan.

     One thing I didn't have was time management.  I was done shooting in Gunja and it's too early to come to Ahyeon (where I'm supposed to meet Fred).  I took a bus going to... somewhere (I don't remember) but I fell asleep during the trip (I guess I'm getting old for all-nighters).  I woke up hungry as the bus stopped in Siheung, though I didn't realize where I was.  I just went out to find some food.  After a meal, I realized I was in a place I've never been to.  I thought I'd take this chance to roam around in hopes I see some areas about to be demolished.  There were some apartments up a hill that I thought were abandoned (open windows and dirty interiors).  What a big mistake that was!

     Climbing up the hill, I realized this city was flourishing.  Everywhere seems to be very much populated and condensed.  This area looks strange to me.  I have not seen such roads that went straight uphill, and it was a steep climb.  I've seen such before but not here in Korea.  Exhausted from the climb and unwilling to go downhill on the other side (I feared I might regret climbing back), I entered the residential area of this place.  I was hoping I could get to a spot where I could overlook the city below.  All in vain.  The houses here are built so high and squeezed into each other, that I can't even see much around me.  It was one alley after another.

     Giving up on this place (and about time to meet Fred) I took a snap of of an old lady who was ever curious of me walking around.  I'm glad it was her.  She was amused and let me take pictures of her.  She even laughed when I was done.

"Why on earth is he taking pictures here?"  She laughed while asking.
     Time to meet Fred.  On the subway, I learned that I was a bit far from Ahyeon.  It'll take me 2 transfers to get there.  Once again, I overslept and missed my first stop by one  stop.  That was easily fixed.  The second transfer will take a while so I just let myself slip away to oblivion... and snoring... BIG mistake!  I think I got too comfortable and went past my stop for about 5 or more stops!  At this time, Fred was already on location.

     This was supposed to be my chance to make a good impression.  And once again, I was more than an hour late.  Fred seems to be unaffected by it but I was really upset.  I had my camera set up.  But I just can't shoot anymore.  I was that upset.  Fred was cool, though.  He didn't mind me not taking pictures and kept chatting with me, while he's doing his thing.

     Once advantage of going out solo is, I can be free-spirited.  Meaning, I have no time constraints, no set appointment, and no schedule.  It keeps me from worrying about time... something that I always do during the weekdays.  I have to learn to behave different when I'm with other people.  But it has been long.  It'll be a lot of adjustments if I continue meeting people and joining group walks.

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