Sunday, June 24, 2012

Urgent Call: A plea to the animal rescuers

     June 23, 2012.  7:00 a.m.
     Walking down from Bukahyeon-ro (북아현로) towards Ahyeon Station (아현 역), exit 2, where a huge part of the right side of the road is flattened, I was taking pictures of a traffic guy.  Colorful uniform, glowing stick, old hair, but plump and younger-looking face, like a Santa.

     Then I noticed a scruffy dog casually walking towards this guy, but stopped about a meter away.  Stayed there, noticed and stared at me taking pictures of them.  That's when the traffic guy started talking to me.  But with my limited knowledge of Korean language, I can only express what I understood.

     "The first time the dog appeared, it was fluffy, clean, and healthy-looking.  Being fond of dogs, I gave some food scraps.  Since then, it has been coming to this same spot every morning.  What I'm not sure of is where it is staying now.  As you can see, there's no residence here anymore.  I think this dog was owned by former residents of this area.  That's why I see it walking around the grounds (waving at the flattened place) at night.  I think it's confused because the people are gone and so are the houses.  All I can do is give it some food every once in a while.  I don't know what else to do.  I wish someone could take care of  it."

     The dog seemed friendly enough.  No tucked tail but not wagging tail either.  It just keeps looking at people who happen to be still in one spot for a while.  In my mind, it's hoping for someone to take care of it, but confused and scared at the same time.  I tried coming closer, by then it went through a hole, but its head popped out, looking down.  This breaks my heart.

     But what am I to do?  I am still to go to other places and meet some people this day.  Even if I can cancel all of those, I don't have a carrying bag for the dog.  I'm already lugging heavy camera gear, and already drained from the whole night's shooting.  I also live in Anseong.  Quite far from Seoul.  I don't have a car.  So even if despite everything, I will manage to take this dog with me, no one will let me commute with it.  No bus, cab, nor subway train.  Or if with a cab or a car rental, I don't have the money for this rescue.  And what's worse, I do not know how to rescue at all.  The best thing I could do that time is to buy a can of tuna, which the traffic guy was more than happy to feed the dog.

     So I come to beg anyone.  Please.  Anyone who have the knowledge and means to help out.  Anyone who can at least bring this dog to a shelter or something.  Anything but living in this area under development.  Please.  If no one can physically come to help, at least, give me an advice.  Today, June 24, 2012, Sunday, will be my last free time of the month.  If there's anyone out there willing to come and help, I will take the trip to Seoul and accompany you.  Learn from you.  And know that this dog will be saved.  Again, I beg anyone who can help.


  1. please check out the KAPS (Korea Animal Protection) or ARK Animal Rescue Korea) Sites

  2. You can take dogs on all public transportation as long as they are in carriers. I do it all the time. ^^ Maybe take him home just to get him safe and then look for a permanent solution?

  3. Thank you, guys. When I adopted a cat, I had a hard time getting a cab. At the train station, a lot of people protested. This happened while the cat was healthy and adorable, and in a very nice new carrier, and the cat was very quiet. That's why I worry on carrying the dog. Aside from being scruffy and potentially smelly, I will have to take a 2-hour bus ride home. That's a big challenge.

  4. Gecko rides the bus once a week to visit the vet. He didnt like it at first, but I would slip a small treat into his carry case and it would quiet him down for a while. (the bus ride is about an hour). He can go there and back now and he no longer gets treats, just comforting words and usually a window opened a bit to have a breeze. I guess I have been very fortunate as I have never had any trouble taking him on the bus. Not on the bus from Seoul when I adopted him, nor the bus from Asan to Cheonan. P.S. Phoenix I like ur pics = great work!

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