Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going Manual Part 3

     So who you calling independent?  I'm always reluctant to ask for help, especially from people not really close to me.  It's not about saving face, but more like self-esteem.  I've always prided myself for being self-taught-- the old school way!    So when it came down to the inevitable due to my lack of knowledge, I could almost cringe when I started typing, asking for help from one forum.

     One thing that's irritating is how the forum, somehow, assume you don't know squat whenever you ask a question.  To the point that they start or eventually explain the ISO-Aperture-Exposure triangle.  It happens a lot of times.  No matter how I word it, I simply need directions.  I can follow-through if only they point me where to go.

     From what I've experienced and read through this forum, it's a bit confusing.  The developers asked for us to include as much details so people would know better what advice to give.  I'm all words (as you can see through my blogs) and I even try to make it entertaining.  I get to the point where I over-think what I write and that includes the title.  All that in the name of getting someone's attention.  It turns out, once they see a wall of texts, the look past it.  Some would base their reply on the title alone.  Some might just read the first 2 sentences and start giving advice from there.  So I tried to make it as brief as possible.  Again, I got bad results.  It's either ignored 'cause consisting of 2 paragraphs, it might (I could only assume) look like another one of those endlessly repeated questions, from kids who just don't google or read other threads.

     So I did my best on this thread I started.  It was short, it was simple, it had most of the details, and a nice title (not too catchy).  





The whole thread.

     Well that just sucks!  I don't know what I did to this guy, but I found his reply a bit insulting.  Nevertheless, the discussion got better.  I received a better reaction from the same guy (along with the rest) as I kept inquiring for more information.  I just had, "honey vs vinegar" in my mind.

     At the end of the day, all it took was a bit more understanding of how these lenses work.  Now all I have to do is to put what I have learned into practice... which is actually the hard part.

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