Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am not a douche!

     Blair Bunting.  Not a familiar name to me until I saw one of his work featured on his interview on youtube.  I remember when I was researching, trying to get my head around "strobist" when I stumble on his blog and saw the same photo.  Good articles, good writing.

     But like a lot of youtube viewers, the comments got my attention first before watching the video... actually I was reading comments while the video was on "pause" to save myself from buffering issues.

     With so many negative comments, it lead me to an assumption that this Adorama interview would be another one of those wastes of time (the channel does have one that I really regret spending time upon).  But I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

     I watched Blair more and more intently as the interview progresses, I do not see anything he did wrong or said wrong.  In fact, I like him.  I like him because he acted exactly the way I act around people in real life.  He doesn't make much eye-contact to Mark (the host) and I do the same when I talk or even discuss with anyone.  Instead, I visualize what I say during/before I say things.  And I can feel Blair doing the same process.  I hate it when people accuse one "not committing" just because he didn't look at you in the eye.  I find such assumptions stupid.  And yes, when someone speaks to me, I listen with my ears.  Ever heard of H.G. Wells's "The Country of the Blind"?

     I think the biggest part where comments address is when Blair said he hates photoshop.  The sentence, "I hate photoshop" alone coming from a photographer do raise some brows.  Then looking at his work where there's a lot of post-processing done, it does make him look like a hypocrite.  But listening further, he said, "... 'cause I can't cut out of photoshop to save my life..." which brings me to think that he actually meant to hate the process of photoshopping.  Now THAT should be understandable.  Not a everyone is cut out to using such software, no matter how user-friendly it might be.  I think "hating photoshop" is why the viewers hate him.  I think those who posted such comments are nothing but fanboys.

     Truth is, I learned something from Blair on this interview, unlike most Adorama interviews where they talk more of what they did, rather than how they did it.

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