Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stupid ignorance.

So I got my laptop.  I researched and asked around as much as I could and ended up a choice between an MSI or a local brand.  I trust local brands when it comes to technology here in Korea.  There are lots of gadgets that are marketed specifically for the locals, and doesn't reach global.  So I guess it's the lack of awareness with this particular brand of laptop (Hansung or HA computers).  The price is attractively low (and my guess is because of lack of popularity and not the quality) compared to a pricier yet lower tech MSI. But I happen to bump to a second-hand sold for lower the price of the HA one.  Receipts when purchased were shown so I was pretty much convinced taking it.  Spec wise, everyone who didn't know the brand recommended HA.  But because a second-hand already has upgrades and other stuff I actually need
(unlike a brand new HA that needs OS and ODD and RAM upgrade), I bought the MSI.

My top-most requirement was a 1080p resolution.  All the sites I've been through shows that resolution for these two specific models.  (HA GTX 55 and MSI Diamond).  When I did the actual exchange with the guy, I was on a rush (as stated before on my previous blog) and just checked the hinges.  I got an additional laptop backpack which is much appreciated.  It was when I started tinkering with the laptop (2 days after) that really got me annoyed.  1366x768 max/recommended/default resolution.  I can not go any higher at all.  Now I remember encountering this problem with my very old PC some years ago, and remembered randomly clicking Nvidia's control panel.  With this laptop though, there was no such luck.

So I googled for hours with no such luck.  I'm ashamed of asking my friends again since I swayed from their recommended model.  So I guess I'm stuck with this thing.  It got worse though.  A lot of the onboard command buttons (ODD eject, screen off, star thing, and movie mode) are not working at all.  I had to go through "my computer" just to get my CDs in and out.  But what really drove me to the edge was the midding webcam.  According to it's specifics, it should have an HD webcam.  It's actually one of the components where it's better than HA.  So what's the use of an HD webcam if it's non-existent?  It drove me nuts figuring out where it is.

So I'll be off travelling tomorrow (if not tonight for some photography) to MSI's AS (after service) center.  I hope they'll entertain me.  If repairs are needed, I'll only go for $100.  Any higher and I'll smash the laptop in front of them.  I'm that angry.

Sigh.  This is what I get from buying second-hand products without checking it out.

MSI Diamond
Hansung GTX 55

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