Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodbye, dear friend.

       I know I get sentimental on my stuff.  I have 2 old computers that I don't really use much.  I have an electronic keyboard that I played only three times.  I have a saxophone that I haven't even touched.  George (my first motorcycle) that someone wanted to buy but I just couldn't sell him like that.  A playstation 2 that's just standing beside my 2 computers.  A playstation 3 that's just layed flat beside the others, collecting dust.  I got cable tv and don't watch.  These are aside from my small gadgets.  I could've easily disposed of them all but I've had good memories with them that I hold dear.
       I expected to feel the same way with my new laptop but I really hated it when I had problems with it, along with the fact that the screen resolution isn't 1080p.  So I resented it but had no choice but to use it for the meanwhile.  I really can't go back to editing pictures with my tv.  Time passed and I fell fond of the laptop.  For whatever I was thinking that time, I posted an ad on craigslist selling it.  I can't even remember why.  I got responses but they're all offering a bit too low from my asking price.  I could lessen my asking price down to minus $50.  But not more than that.  Everyone's asking me to lower it down to minus $100.  Now, if this was done earlier, I might've taken the offers.  But it grew in me and, to be frank, I wished none would offer.  Now came a guy named Paul.  I didn't took him seriously but I had to be courteous enough to respond to his inquiry.  He didn't haggle.  Instead, asked the state of the laptop.  I should've known that's a good sign for sale.

       I met with him last night.  The laptop was at it's own state.  Dusty, battered, and just plain old "mine" state.  I was secretly hoping he'd pinpoint some faults on the keyboard that he'd not buy it.  I'll have whatever fault is found fixed and keep the laptop... good thing I didn't name it yet.  But alas, he was impressed enough to buy it.  Which made me thing, "Was the keyboard, actually better than what I expect of it?"  But it's too late.  It's out of my hands.  Replaced with money... money that's more than what I payed for, really.  Just a bit.
       I came home and found my bed empty.  I miss the laptop already.  At times when I was supposed to hold the mouse, I'm tapping below my keyboard.  So yeah, it's another adjustment.  Right now, I got some pictures needed some editing.  But I just can't do that with my tv.  Not anymore.  So I guess I'd have to wait until I can buy another laptop.  It makes me wonder though, if I should just buy a dedicated monitor for editing instead.  But that's just a small thought.
       Bye bye, my friend.  You've been such great help to me.  I'll miss you.

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