Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cropping out the fat?

       I'm a bit overweight but I'm okay with that.  I'm a care-free person who mostly just go with whatever I have.  So I don't really mind whether I go thin or not.  It's all up to whatever comes natural.

       On my past blog, I posted some current pictures of me to illustrate what the 50mm kit lens could offer, as John taught me one night.  I received some compliments with regards to the pictures:
"It looks good."
"Nice portrait."
"What is this?  A night selfy?"
"Your pictures look better on that site.  Keep it up."
All are good comments and I'm more than glad to receive it.  But what caught my attention was when I was asked if the picture I posted are current.  Of course it is!  I looked at the pictures to see what the deal is... and I agree.  There were some changes.  I looked like I lost weight.

       Perhaps it was how the light shaped my face.  Perhaps it was just because it's been a stressful week (my face reacts to such).  But also, perhaps my idea a couple of days ago is proven true.

Taken April when I was still starting out venturing around Seoul. 


Taken very recently.  The said picture where friends doubted if it was a recent picture. 

       It wasn't raining last week.  So I took the chance of going out for some random photography.  It didn't work out as much as I expected.  Bringing all my gears along with my laptop, added about 6 kilos (about 13 lbs) of weight on me.  It would've been fine if I was traveling along with my motorcycle, be it George or Shiela.  But since it was a gloomy day, I can not risk the chance of possible rain.  So I commute.  Hence the many walks.  Walking shouldn't be a big deal for me.  That's how photography works (unless in a studio I guess).  Walk around, look for something interesting, take a picture, and walk around again.  With the extra weight I carry, and walking around continuously for hours, stopping by only when needed (like thinking how to compose a certain shot), and the whole night and day doing this, I bet I burned a heck of a lot out of me.  Time came when my body just can't take it and needed to sit down for a couple of minutes.  "Oh for the love of Paul!" I said, "Don't dare think photography is easy.  It's a workout!" I thought out loud, imagining myself talking to every friend of mine on facebook...  Thinking about it now, if that happened, I bet they'd dismiss my claim about photography and will be more keen to ask, "Who's Paul?"

       If walking, jogging, climbing, and hiking is claimed a healthy work out, I say photography should belong there.  Walking here and there and everywhere along with the extra weight?  How about having to balance yourself on one foot just to get the preferred Point OF View of a scene?  Or how about having to run around like a lunatic, chasing a subject, just to get that perfect "messenger-esque" look?  Or perhaps chasing time 'cause you spent so much on photography, you're about to miss the last bus going home?  Did I mention that added extra weight from your gear?

       But the best thing about it is how the day/night went by.  I got to burn some calories without even realizing it.  I got to sweat out a lot of toxins from "just another day".  I got to have some muscle aches, knowing it'll lead to something good.  I got to bring myself a healthy appetite, and for sure, will be enjoying a hefty meal with no excuses.  I get to tire myself well and good that I'm assured a good amount of sleep (and who doesn't want that?).  On top of all that, I get to enjoy the day... it's a day for photography.

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