Monday, July 16, 2012

A Short Video

     It's been a while since I made a short video.  A friend of mine is a serious videographer and has been trying to get me to work with him, but I always refused.  I'm scared that I actually end up embarrassing myself.  I have a camera.  I can video edit.  But I never really worked for someone with this.

     Anyway, I was never satisfied with my panorama shot of Namsan Tower when I uploaded them.  It felt like the effort didn't match the output.  The problem with these images, despite the high resolution and details, you can't see much of it.  The whole image is too large; I end up with a tiny one when uploading.  What made it worse is flickr making it blurry for some reason.

     The only remedy I could think of is to show it on a video.  I might as well show some of my pictures; one panorama would be boring.  But the editing part wasn't easy, especially that it has been years since I tinkered with Sony Vegas Pro 9.

     First step was to find some music.  Damn, I'm in this age where everyone sues everyone for compensation.  I can't find a song where my Youtube account won't get taken off for this "copyright" infringement thing.  But I finally saw one that fits the theme and glad it's downloadable... But what does "downloadable" mean?    Can I use it for my media?  I guess I'll find out someday.

     Slapping the photos wasn't hard.  But when it came to show that panoramic shot, I had to spend so much time.  Windows Live Movie Maker would actually have done the job, except that it doesn't crop and pan so well.  So on to Sony Vegas Pro 9.  I forgot that Sony Vegas is also strict when it comes to dimensions and resolutions, so I had to render, see the results, do over.  OMG!  All I wanted was to show my panorama shot, panning in full screen from left to right!

     I finally did it, though.  But that pano was panned a bit too fast, and I'm running out of patience.  So I settled for this result.

     By the way, if Anhedonia's Reprise ever find this video or blog, I hope he/she would allow me to keep using the song, "A Stranger is Introduced."

Thanks for watching/reading.

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