Friday, July 13, 2012

Let Me Do It Right This Time part 4

     Part 4 of the long-winded photography session I had on this location.  This time, it's daylight

     Daylight has come and I thought I was done for the day.  I felt a bit exhausted climbing stairs, squeezing myself through tight spaces, treading carefully over broken glass, and just venturing through the darkness.  I thought I got what I wanted and more than I planned to shoot... and the sun scares me.

     Taking a last glance over the place, I felt sorry for the people leaving everything behind.  I believe there was great history here and I'm glad I got some last pictures before it'll be flattened out.  But with daylight comes a different view/perspective.  And although I'm not really keen to shooting with this light, I still felt there were more things that might be interesting.

    Indeed there were.  Climbing down a better-sized stairs, I passed by a window with an interesting frame.  My Samyang 85mm was attached to my camera and I was too lazy to change lenses; the focal length was too long.  So I thought I'll just play around and have a little fun.  I remember a flickr group named "Tell a story in 5 frames" and I pretended I was submitting an entry... in fact, I might do so:


     Well, that was fun!  But moving on. I don't want to spend too much time taking shots of my head again.  Going down to an open alley, I knew it was much safer (or less suspicious) to be seen here.  So I took a short coffee break.  Looking at my surroundings, I found there were other things quite interesting that I wouldn't see at night.  Coffee helped me a lot and I regained my strength with a little doze of not-feeling-sleepy-anymore.

Lion's Gate
Two images of the same subject that I couldn't choose which I like more.

     Coffee wasn't enough for a long-term boost, though.  So I decided to get some breakfast from any near-by store.  It was getting too bright that I thought it was 10 am already.  I feared I might be leaving this place for good.

One More Roof
What I thought would be my last photo of this place.  I wanted one more image that captures the old to the new.  A traditional Korean roof over-looked by Namsan Tower.
     Walking down the road, I pass by so many local businesses closed.  But maybe my brain was all mushed that I made excuses why I can't find a place to get some food.  "Maybe because it's Sunday... is it Sunday?" or "I think it's just too early.  It looks like 10 am but it feels like 5 am." without even considering that this place is just left behind.  I'm a night owl.  I get stupid during the day.

     Still walking and I saw a familiar place at a distance.  Civilization!  Food!  Family Mart!  I am saved.  But then something hit me along the way.

Graffiti One
Another 2 shots of the same scene I couldn't decide which one I like more.

Graffiti Two
I wanted to take a shot of this looking up at the building.  But the street was starting to get busy and I'm not equipped for the shot.  
Demolition Barrier
Buildings are covered before they start demolition.

Civilization At Last!
There's food at the end of this road.

     From the images I took, I realized I'm still on a roll.  I know I'm hungry, sleepy, thirsty, and tired.  But I also know that once I get to that food-filled area, there's a big chance I will go straight to a resting place and leave the potential subjects behind for another time... which will never come.  I decided to ignore all my aches and keep shooting.  After all, I still got a Sunday night's rest, if ever.

     I went through a hole on the side of this alley.  I thought I was entering another building.  Little did I know this hole lead me to a new and interesting place, even Fred and I wasn't able to check... no... won't be able to see during night time.

     But this is already another long-winded blog.  So I'll continue on the next one.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Demolition Barrier was a great shot the composition and lines really stood out..

    1. Thanks. It's one of those shots that make passers by say, "What the hell is he taking a picture of that for?"