Monday, December 26, 2011

Festivals and Chaos

     Hyoseok festival experience gave me a lot of mixed feelings. Feeling disappointed on myself for not performing well, but feeling proud that I got good enough pictures.  Feeling good that I got to see some other places (thanks to this hobby), but also feeling bad that I don't get to experience the events much.  But the most dominant feeling is the craving for more of this.  More events to attend to.  More places to visit.  And most especially, more pictures to take.
     I found a good site for Korean tourism.  It provides more than enough information on travelling, and almost all the events happening in South Korea.  Whatever event that is, I'm keen on witnessing.  But I noticed that autumn is full of these events all over.  Sometimes there are 3 events happening at the same time within cities close to each other.

     I have this google calendar set up on my blog page, and was relieved I can set it up to send me some text messages to notify me on each event.  You see, there's this one festival happening in Seoul where the shows are set on separate places, that I have to skip part of the show to have enough time to catch up with the other.  It's just that plenty.  And I don't have a lot of time since I have a day job.  I got to organize a good percentage of these shows I'm supposed to attend to.  I tested google's text notification and it worked.  So although such schedule is a bit overwhelming, I feel comfortable that I don't have to frantically run back-and-forth within the city for this.

     The morning before the event starts, I checked up my schedule to familiarize myself with it.  I also have to check which times do I have to take cab rides and whatever that needs a bit of money to spend.  Alas, I found my calendar empty.  Checked out google calendar's main page and I saw blank pages.  I frantically googled about my problem and found out, this happens once in a while on google calendar.  It took me 3 nights to have this thing organized and it's complexity is one thing that I couldn't instantly memorize.  Now I spent too much time to research for a solution to this (about my whole lunch break), only to find none.  And with this loss, I just lost all hope of getting it back.  This upset me too much that I just don't want to think, let alone take pictures.

     Sure, I could've just gone to the site and take pictures of whatever.  But I was just too upset.  This is not a job where I have to force myself to do it, no matter what.  It's a hobby.  It's supposed to make me enjoy my life more.  But this time?  No, I don't think so.

     For whatever reason, though, I posted what happened as a rant on one of the photography forums.  And here I was, hoping someone could relate and maybe find a solution to this, or at least, give an advice to avoid recurrence.  All I got was, "Sounds to me like you're whining."

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