Saturday, September 3, 2011

Maybe it's time to change my lover Part 2

       Ever since I bought Shiela, I didn't really considered her permanent.  Selling her after a year of use was the plan.  But George (my first motorcycle) kept acting up so many times, I got irritated and put him on a retirement home.  Only to be borrowed by some random people, occasionally.  I love him and that's why I can't find it in my heart to sell him, even for cheap or for parts.  But seriously, I just have to move on.  Shiela, however, stood by me even though I never did treat her as good as George.

George in his retirement home. 

       She grew in me though.  I came to like her so much, I forgot about reselling her.  That is, until this summer.  2011 seem to be crappy.  Summer came and I would've been very happy travelling along with my bike, but this year's monsoon season was a bit much.  What irritates me is when it seemed to show a promising sunny day.  I wax my bike before work and only end up getting soaked by rain; realizing that only after work.  Months passed by and Autumn is about to come.  At last, the rain has stopped.

       Now, Shiela doesn't sound right.  I only know riding bikes.  I don't know anything about maintenance.  Shiela just doesn't sound right.  Her purr now sounds an awful growl.  Her foot brakes give out this ear-piercing squeak.  I asked the repairman about it.  I was told it'll be fine after a while, when the bike gets rid of all excess water inside of her.  I thought, "okay... but then I can't take her on long road-trips.  I'm sure fellow motorists will give me that mean look."

       This month, I noticed many people selling their bikes on Craigslist.  I was considering one of them.  But with all my coming expenses, I'd rather stick with Shiela for a while.  Maybe I could wait until next summer.  I could just take the bus for now.  But then this week, I had this itch of taking a short road-trip with her.  I already placed an order for a new cigar-jack to be wired on her, for my GPS.  I bathed and oiled her with care, so no matter how she sounds, she'll still remain a beauty.

Shiela and I during the earlier days. 

       It was this morning's accident that made me come back to thinking of buying another bike.  Shiela is so damaged, I know I'll be spending another couple of hundreds to have her fixed.  The brakes, and especially the tank is what'll burn my wallet.  I don't know, but if it's going to cost me half the price of another bike, I might as well replace her.

       So yeah, I'm back to thinking if I should replace this lover of mine, Shiela.  But with my current budget and planned purchase, I'm now really at the point where I have to think of my priorities.

Planned "to buy one of them this month":

  • It's still a decision among these lenses:
  1. Canon 10-22mm
  2. Sigma 8-16mm
  3. Samyang 14mm
  4. Canon 14mm
  • Canon EX580 or other flash.  Still under research.
  • Hansung SPARQ laptop
  • PC upgrades.... or just build a new one
  • Monitor dedicated for photo editing.
  • PS3 games.  I stopped playing for 2 years and now I'm way behind.
  • and now either fix Shiela or buy another bike.
       I'm ready to purchase any one them.  It's just a decision of which one first.  The long holiday is coming next Saturday and I really want to take a long travel.  A lens, a flash, a laptop, or a bike.  I don't know which one to prioritize.  And right now, still a bit shaken from the accident this morning, I don't want to think.

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